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Direct Factory Price

We provide factory countertops wholesale price directly.

We hate and will not be the one who ask you to pay more after placing order. They tell you that price is just estimated because of factory price changed. I think it 's irresponsible.As a responsible stone type countertops factory, Superior Stone would like to let you know the exact cost at first, to keep your money and time saved. There are some reasons why Superior Stone can supply the factory price directly.

1. We get blocks from quarry at first hand. There are severals colleagues who work outside for the raw materials. They check and choose blocks directly to make sure the texture, the color, and size. Superior Stone will keep some in stock, and choose new ones for new orders as per customers requirements. Also, if there have any price changes for the material, we can get the newest information quickly.

2. No trading commission from us. Some companies pretend to be factory, but they charge trading commision and take more money from customers. They claim that the cost is needed. But as Stone Countertop Factory, Superior Stone ask for the expense only, which is equal to the quality. So why not choose us.

3. Workers with 10 years experience at least. Maybe you are worry about that factory workers can not understand your ideas directly. Time to change your thoughts, my friend. Our skillful workers will not bring you troubles based on 10 experience at least. From polish worker, to QC, to Supervisor, etc., our trained staffs will work well together with you for your countertop. You can total rest assure that we are the own technology, responsible quality control and high quality products.

4. General manager and owner working together. Unlike some factory director in China, Mr.Hong works and discusses with us in factory directly. Also, he gets orders without long-time contact because of customers testimonial. Being a part of Superior Stone, he is also a colleague of ours.

5. Shipping to contractor and builder directly. Contact us if you need us to do it directly. There are some shipping companies who we have long time business with, and they can help in shipping matter. So just let us know how you want to do, where you want to ship. Superior Stone will make you satisfied.

6. Rational use of materials to avoid waste. As the sayings goes that without industry and frugality, nothing will do. So we make anything we can do to avoid waste. For Stone Countertop Materials, price is related with ratio. When the big size slabs or blocks can not be used as much as possible, the cost increases in next seconds. We make the composing and offer better suggesstions to customers, to improve utilization. So there is no need to worry about paying extra cost.